Trading Philosophy -

Active Trading Model

Advanced Trading Systems firmly believes that a Medium Term trading style (a 2-3 weeks holding period) can find a very profitable market niche.  Medium Term Financial Strategies are used by large commercial concerns and we can take advantage of the market movements resulting from this. This trading philosophy is by no means new. Sometimes referred to as "Seasonal Trading" some of todayís best off-floor traders are itís practitioners. 

The system calculations use medium term Open Style Trading Model.  This is a trading technique that attempts to find trading opportunities with the current trend and at key market reversal points. The timeframe used for analyzing a market is a medium trading term which corresponds to 31 day periods.  Pivot points are automatically identified by the system using complex calculations. Again, the system identifies medium pivot points based on 31 periods. 

At Advanced Trading Systems we have conducted extensive study towards these principles and offer the results of that research. Every day we analyze each market to determine which appears to be offering the best opportunity and then outline a specific strategy to take advantage of it. As always risk management is key to any traders success and is especially stressed in the proposed trading ideas.

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