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Advanced Trading Systems, Inc. (ATS) is an Informational Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) registered with United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). ATS specializes in the development of Trading Systems for the Commodity Futures Markets. It offers a variety of computerized trading systems for Intra-day trading on Stock Indexes, and Short-term speculative trading of commodity futures and options contracts, Daily Buy/Sell recommendations as well as Real Time Trading Signals for Financial Futures. 


Mission Statement

ATS is  dedicated to facilitating the trading of futures and options contracts as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. ATS uses a combination of advanced market strategies and technical trading systems, based on quantitative calculations and fundamental assessments to identify a market opportunity. With this strategy in mind, we believe that commodity trading has not to be a venture, but strong, sound investment decision process. 


Our trading systems are bringing computer science to bear on data analysis, designing computer trading models that evaluate proposed market strategies, price-trend patterns, and money management tactics. These models attempt to measure in quantitative terms the balance that exists between opposing market forces, so as to recognize:

(a) probable price turning points;

(b) estimate how far price movements are likely to carry;

(c) identify existing trends. 

Computational methods are also being used to test the performance of various trading strategies for a period of many months over many different commodities.


Client Benefits

Whether you're an independent trader or an institution, your first choice for professional systems trading is Advanced Trading Systems.

  • Work with a Systems Specialist to evaluate your investment profile. Then, we can design a system or blend a composite of systems based on your personal

    1. Profit Objective

    2. Risk Tolerance Level

    3. Investment Capital

  • Save time - Your most valuable commodity.

  • Enjoy professional service at competitive commission rates.

  • Minimize the costs associated with purchasing your own trading system(s), analytical and charting software, and quote services.

  • Complete Autonomy.

  • Work with an execution specialist utilizing state-of-the-art execution technology.

  • Experience a disciplined performance based approach to trading.

  • Benefit from the professional clearing and execution services.

  • Proprietary systems and trading models.

  • Free systems consultation.

We offer professional computerized trading portfolios through our proprietary database. This service is designed for independent traders and institutional investors. We feel it is very important to enable you to participate in this type of professional system trading. Equally important, to offer you choices of systems that we have thoroughly researched, rigorously tested and will continue to monitor for effective money management and robust trading performance.


Advanced Trading Systems, Inc. was founded by Irena S. Nikolova

Irena Nikolova has been both an academic and a practicing securities analyst and investment strategist. As an economist/market analyst at Investment Analysis Group, Inc., Ms. Nikolova was responsible for devising methods and procedures for economic and market data retrieval, studying U.S. and global macroeconomic data and statistics, while conducting investment research in the field of finance and futures markets. 

While working as an economist at CompuNet Communications, Inc., she was responsible for both studying economic and equity market data, and performing stock technical, fundamental and operational cycle analysis. As an investment professional, she has been a Managing Director of L&T Financial Services Corporation, where she worked for 3 years as a securities analyst, economist, investment strategist, and consultant. Prior to this, Ms. Nikolova worked at the National Statistical Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria.

In addition to her excellent background in economics and virtually all aspects of the investment field, Ms. Nikolova has a great deal of experience in operating specialized investments electronic tools. Her academic experience includes university teaching in statistics, finance, and economics. With this background, Ms. Nikolova possesses the academic training needed to master the theoretical studies and materials required by the commodity futures trading research, the practical experience of an investment analyst, and the teaching experience needed to clearly communicate this knowledge to others. 

Irena Nikolova is an honors graduate of University of National & World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria, where she specialized in Quantitative Methods/Statistics and Econometrics. 

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